Our bodies are such incredibly beautiful and complicated structures. For them to work well our structure needs support from muscles, bones, ligaments. Think of the feet as the foundations for it all.

33 joints, 26 bones – and that is just in one foot!

So in a perfect body (which actually doesn’t exist!) – all of those joints would move the way they are supposed to, all of the muscles would be the right length, and of course both feet would do their equal share of the work. And I haven’t even talked about nerves – the foot being a hotbed of nerve action.

But as I said – there is no such thing as the perfect body. We’ve maybe had sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, bunions, or we just put more weight on one – in small ways and sometimes in big ways, life has created tension in these beautifully designed structures.

And the dysfunction in one area – especially the foundations, can carry through the whole body. Up to the knee, hip, then the spine.

So we had a workshop on 10 November 2018  - Fantastic Feet Workshop and Beach Walk! and another successful workshop on 26 January 2019. 

We can do so much of the care, mobilisation and strength of the foot at home. I want this workshop to be helping you to understand your feet, and learn what they need from you.

We went through a session – mobilising feet and lower legs, strengthening and understanding how they impact the structures above. Then a gentle Pilates session moving the whole body with a focus on the importance of the feet.

Followed by a coastal walk – at Porthtowan.

Handouts and a little showbag of goodies to help you at home at cost of just £22 per person.

This workshop is for giving some love to your feet and the structures that they support. This was such a success and some feet are much happier now....  I am sure we will do it all again sometime.