In about 2011 I walked into a Pilates Studio near where I lived in Melbourne – and got instantly hooked.

I had done mat Pilates before but as I had my first baby at 40 after IVF, my body was suffering. Within a few weeks I went from being in pain to completely pain free and getting stronger.

I knew I had to do this for life, so, after a few more rounds of IVF for my second child, I decided to change careers and enrolled to do my training in 2014.

I did a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (91491 NSW) through National Pilates Training in Melbourne –  This is an incredibly thorough comprehensive training – involving Class Contact (100hrs), Work Placement Observing (100hrs), Supervised Work Placement Teacher Training (200hrs), and coursework (400hrs). It qualified me in mat, reformer, cadillac (trapeze table), ladder barrel, wunda chair, spine corrector, Ped-a-Pull.

It took me a while – with two little kids, and a surprise naturally conceived baby taking up the rest of my time.

Am I glad I chose such a thorough training?  Absolutely – 100 percent. It pushed me and challenged me, physically and mentally. It took me from being an interested beginner to having a skill that can help people move better and understand their bodies better.

Whilst my training was thorough – it was just the start. I have many interests and am a complete geek about body mechanics, movement and health in general. More recently my learning is in Menopause, Cancer and the Lymphatic system – so many ways that good movement practices can help at so many stages of life.

I moved to Cornwall in 2017 – firstly setting up mat classes in village halls   ...  and now I am teaching solely from my beautiful studio in Porthtowan.  There are not many comprehensively trained teachers around in Cornwall and it has been wonderful to introduce clients to the equipment - particularly the Reformer and Cadillac -  and feel the work of Pilates in a different way.

I feel very lucky and proud to have a thriving business, doing what I love, thanks to my incredible clients.
I will be forever learning, practicing and teaching this amazing method.

Anita Duffy