There are so many different types of fitness trainer/yoga instructors/pilates teachers. Who do you choose to go to?

Hopefully this page can explain a bit about my background and you can decide whether I am the teacher/instructor for you.

I am 48, a mum of three gorgeous kids and Australian. I walked into a Pilates studio in Melbourne pretty broken and in pain early in my second pregnancy. My amazing instructor fixed me (well almost – we are never really fixed), but she made me strong. I knew I needed to do this forever.

A couple of years later and I completed my Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (91491 NSW) through the National Pilates Training in Australia. I chose this course as it was the most thorough and ensured I could competently teach both mat and studio equipment classes. It involved over 450 hours of  teacher training and practical work experience.

I was very fortunate to be mentored by the amazing Helen New – Precision Pilates Parkdale, and faculty educator with National Pilates Training.


In the past I have been nervous about telling people I am a Pilates teacher – assuming people expect me to have 6 pack abs. I do not!   I see my role as a Pilates teacher in educating my clients in how to move safely. Our bodies need to move for good health, but someone dealing with a chronic health condition, or someone who hasn’t exercised for a long time, may really struggle in a traditional exercise class.

I want everyone to feel in their body the health benefits of Pilates and make people feel really welcome and comfortable coming to a class – that is my goal.

I am happy to do a telephone consultation with anyone who is a bit nervous about attending a class or just wants to find out more. I can ask you about any health issues you have and try to help you work out if I can help.